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About Deiptii Taurannii

When you change,everything else begins to move in the positive direction

Deiptii Taurannii is a very accomplished and a leading expert of Geopathy, Vaastu and Feng Shui,the science of environmental harmony and well-being. In her journey of 15 years, Deiptii has helped over 5000 clients in UAE, USA, UK, Lebanon, KSA, Qatar, South Africa, Singapore, Oman &India, guided them to create a stress free living and removed blocks from success, productivity and fulfillment.

Vastu in Dubai was established as a wing of Deep Ocean Trading in 2007, when there was a great need of introducing Scientific Vastu among people, principles which can be implemented logically. Deiptii follows a strict code of conduct to ensure the true & scientific Vastu is used for the analysis of a premise. She aims at introducing remedies which do not require re-structuring.

Degrees & Accolades:

  • HR Degree from Academic College of London to understand people & sensitivity;
  • Advanced Degree in Vastu Principals – The science of Building correctly
  • Master in Feng Shui – Complete Understanding the Natural Forces & Energies
  • Advanced Certification in Numerology
  • Diploma in Pyramid Vastu (Remedial Vastu) – Corrections without Demolition
  • Gold Medal in Vastu, Feng Shui, Numerology & Astrology from the International School of Astrology.

Awards & Honors

Gold Medal in Vastu

Master in Feng Shui

Gold medal in Numerology & Astrology



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