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Deiptii has played an instrumental role in helping our family with life and health solutions through her amazing knowledge of Vaastu. She worked closely with us to improve the Vaastu in our properties in Mumbai, Dubai and London. She is someone we trust and have no qualms in recommending her to anyone who needs her help

Group Chairman & Founder, TOPSGRUP

We met Deiptii Taurannii while looking for Fenh Shui for our new offices. She is extremely professional, honest & very direct in her dealings. The level of comfort and support she offers is beyond comparison. We followed everything advice and the first thing we realized is that people were very hapy and positive. I personally witnessed positivity in my new office. This I believe has enhanced the productivity in our new office. We will continue to hire her services for all our offices spread across GCC


Life is a series of challenges and even bigger challenge is to seek the right advice from the right person at the right time. I met Deiptii 6 years ago and sought her advice on the Vastu of my house. It is imperative to add here is that I did seek advice from other consultants as well, but the way Deiptii has dealt with my case has been truly commendable. I have always believed that Vastu is a science and it has its own way of bringing positivity in your life. Deiptii has guided me since then and helped me improve the quality of my life. In my opinion she has indepth knowledge of vastu and is very capable in handling in sensitive issues pertaining to one’s life.

Gurdish Singh Sabharwal
Director Engg @ Five Star Hotel

We had engaged Deiptii Taurannii sometime in 2013 for carrying out changes in our existing house to bring it in line with the principles of Vaastu. We found her very professional in her approach. She explained the importance of Vaastu, studied various aspects of the house, identified the aspects that were not in line with the principles of Vasstu and suggested the necessary changes required. She was a good communicator and she explained reasons for each and every change she suggested. The changes were implemented within a few weeks. I would recommend Deiptii Taurannii if you are looking to apply the principles of Vaastu before moving to a new house or even your existing house.


As a skeptic, I failed to understand this science having met numerous consultants. Deiptii has however changed that for me. Her ability to explain the science of Vaastu, astrology and the spiritual environment is exceptional. Unlike so many consultants I've met that my intelligence questions, Deiptii has made a believer out of me. Her honest, clean and spiritual heart to fix my life, home and office is a blessing. Breaking down why and how Vaastu works isn't easy but she makes it seem so logical that even a layman could not argue with. A friend for life! Thank you Deiptii

Gaurav Verma
Gaurav Verma Businessman- Dubai

The devilish functions in life are fundamentally crucial to progress and succeed. It is human challenge to identify, learn and apply tools to tame these. Vastu is one such tool that is available to all, however, applied by a chosen few who care to tap its potential

Mukul Janeja
IT Maryland, USA

Deiptii Tauranii is a “Master” and knows her stuff well. She is one consultant who involves herself with the project and ensures that the client gets the best. In my case, she asked me to change my design completely. My house is nearing completion and all I can tell at this point is that everything has gone smooth. I am only feeling happy. Professionally things are happening for the better. All this before I have moved in to stay into my new house! I believe that you build house only once, it’s only prudent to incorporate available means to make your home “The Place”.

Lalit Tiwari
Business Head

Few years ago, we suffered a lot financially and health wise. Deiptii helped us to find a new and better vastu house. Finally we found a house which was 60% perfect. She gave us cures and remedies to make the new house 100% perfect. I had full faith in her abilities, therefore we went ahead with her advice. Everything started working. Meetings that seemed impossible started happening. Now our business is getting better. Kids are doing great, wife’s health is fine and financially we are getting better. I also admire her predictions that have guided me to take action. I would be more than glad to recommend Deiptii Tauranii to everyone. Thank you Deiptii for your involvement to make sure that our life is better after all the changes as she is responsible at every stage.

Rajesh Jesswani
Director Network Trading LLC – Dubai – UAE

My name is Pradhap, I have been taking consultation on Vastu and astrology from Deiptii for both my business and personal front. She approaches this Devine subject both holistic and scientific way. Her in depth knowledge and experience gets me quick response to all my queries, which makes me comfortable since knowing her. I wish her a good health and blessings to get continued strength to reach great heights in the near future.

Pradhap Reddy

“I no longer want to run away from my ‘problems’ … The success of this ‘process’, I attribute to the assistance provided by Deiptii Tauranii.”

Rolande van Greuning
South Africa

“Solution starts in identifying the problem. You can never solve a problem without identifying it. The right approach towards the resolution is the correct method of improving situation and life. This is exactly what Deiptii perfects in.”

Sunayna Sarswat
Dubai, UAE

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