We may often notice it is impossible to be happy in some places, and some places bring super happiness. No matter how hard you work, we still face problems like financial, relationship, health, disharmony, lack of appreciation etc.  And we wonder if there is any solution to this uninvited negativity of life?


The lifestyle that is not attuned to the nature and its elements brings these problems into our life. The answer to all these problems lies in perfectly balancing these five elements with Vastu and Feng Shui. It is absolutely important to create balance with both the sciences together for optimum results.


Vastu is a scientific study of directions which creates equilibrium by balancing the different elements of nature and using them for the benefits of human beings.  The universe has abundant positive life-force or “prana”, since we are evolved by nature, it is necessary to harness this energy by correctly placing the structure of a building. 


Let’s empower our lives by following simple steps: 


  • Correct the flow of energy by checking the center of your house, as all directions on a circle of 360 degree meet at the center and redistribute. There should be NO toilet, pillar, or wall in the center; it will obstruct the positive flow of energy, resulting in health & financial problems. 
  • For positive inflow of good finances, there should be NO pillar, toilet, overhead tank, kitchen or stairs in the North, North-East or East. It is best to have a living-room, study, dining-room, underground water in these directions. 
  • For the stability of the head of the family, the Master Bedroom should be in the South-West, Son’s bedroom in South or West, Daughter’s & guest bedroom in the North-West. Any overhead tanks can be in the West. 


Change begins from within, when we change, everything in our environment changes. Let’s determine to win over challenges.

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