Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account.”-Anne Wilson Schaef

  • Kitchen: Vastu links the health and illness with the placement of kitchen, toilets and bedrooms in inappropriate directions in our house. If the kitchen is not located in the fire zone, i.e. south-east the occupants are vulnerable to health disorders. Lighting a candle in the fire zone daily becomes as important for good health as sleeping with your head aligned towards the south.


  • Importance of center of the House : The center of the house, workplace as well as that of each and every room is very important as it is connected with health and is considered to be the heart of the house or workplace. This is the meeting point of all the energies from different directions. If you or any of your family members face health problems, check the Brahmasthan and observe certain precautions and particularly observe the vastu defects at house. Brahmasthan should not be depressed. Heavy objects, wells, lifts, stairs and toilets are totally prohibited in the Brahmasthan. If it is depressed or there is a pit or it is insanity amongst the inmates. A well in the Brahmasthan may lead to health problems for the house owner and affect the prosperity. It is essential to keep the central area or the Brahmasthan clear of all heavy concrete structures. Hang a beautiful crystal chandelier in the central area, preferably with five bulbs. Installation of a reike charged crystal grid in the Brahmasthan keeps the whole house energized.


  • Toilets : Having a toilet in the NE exhaust the positivity of the North East, therefore whatever positive energy is received from the North, East and the NE is flushed away in the toilet, before it is distributed in the house. Lack of positivity and lack of solar energy enhances the risk of illness for the people staying in the house.  Incase you have toilets in North East, North & North keep a handful of sea salt and handful of alum (fitkari) in glass bowls in the toilets and replace it every week. Keep the lids of WC closed and toilet doors shut at all times. 


  • Sleeping position: Avoid sleeping with head in the North. The head represents the North pole of the body while the feet are the South pole of the body. When you sleep with your head to the North, these two positive polarities repel each other, disrupting the flow of blood and affecting your sleep and health. Hence one should never sleep with the head in the North. The positive energy that is received from the NE, North is excellent for your life but not good for sleep. If you sleep with your head in the North you might suffer from insomnia, lack of confidence etc. 


  • Sleeping with Head in the East: East is the direction of knowledge and enlightenment. Sleeping with the head in the East increases knowledge and increases a liking for spiritualism. For this reason, children should always sleep with their head in the east.


  • Head in the South: South is the best direction for sleeping, as it is considered as the direction of dead. Therefore it is imperative to sleep like dead to rejuvenate and get up fresh the next day. Sleeping with one’s head in the South brings happiness and sound sleep and it also enhances ones confidence. 
  • Never put a mirror in front of bed, cover it while sleeping to avoid bad dreams. Avoid or minimize the usage of T.V or computer in bedrooms, as the energy level of the room will get destroyed by the radiation emitted.
  • Pregnant ladies should not sleep in northeast room, as excessive energy of the NE will disturb the flow of energy and might lead to miscarriage or abortion.
  • Open or use north & eastern window much rather than southwestern windows for health happiness & harmony in the family.
  • Never sleep on metal beds (wrought Iron) to avoid any health problem related to Heart & Brain.
  • As per Vastu having a staircase at the exact center of the house would lead to health problems. Avoid keeping heavy furniture in the center. Ensure there are no overhead beams, pillars or wall through the center.
  • Another major cause of concern could be defects in the East & South East directions. Never keep your shoe rack in the East as it will generate a lot of health issues. Thebest place to keep shoe racks can either be S or NW. 
  • Underground water tank in South-east Agni gives rise to a lot of health issues & disharmony in the family. 
  • Having a lake or underground water sources in the South West, South & South east can be a cause of fatal diseases in the house.

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