Did you know Vastu of your house can impact your health directly. Did you know the food you cook can have a huge impact on your state of mind.  Vastu believes in the correct placement of the Kitchen and the Gas Stove in order to seek the benefits of the South East UV rays. You may have heard medical experts encouraging everyone to go out in the Sun before 10.30. The reason is the UV rays of the Sun in the SE are most beneficial for the food when the sun is in the SE (as depicted in the image), that’s when our our shadow is shorter than our height.

Your health depends a lot on the kitchen of your house. It is said that your thoughts and feel is transferred in the food you cook. If you cook in the stressful environment surrounded with negative energy, you will pass on the same thoughts to your loved ones. Precisely because of this reason, Vastu gives a lot of importance to the location of the kitchen and placement of the gas stove in the appropriate direction. Here are few pointers to identify:

– Stand in the center of your house and divide your house in 8 zones around you. Hold the compass in your hand and look towards the kitchen. Your kitchen should be in the SE which spans from 112.5 – 157.5 degree with 135 degree the center of SE.

– Once you have identified that your kitchen is in the SE, then place the gas stove in a way that you face the East while cooking. This is because the rays of the sun bring in life force and beneficial rays of solar energy. That is the ideal placement of kitchen.

–  If you are facing towards the west while cooking it can lead to skin and joint-related problems.

–  Having the kitchen in the North & NE is a big NO, as it burns all the positivity coming from the North pole, & East. It causes a lot of health challenges for the children and ladies of the house.

–  Kitchen in the SW creates a lot of issues related to the stability of the master of the house. The energy travelling from East to West and North to South, gets stored at the SW for stability. Therefore having the kitchen in the SW creates health & financial issues for the head of the family.

–  Modern houses have black slabs or granite platform in the kitchen. Black is BLOCK in vastu. It blocks the energy and people keep falling sick without no reason.

Our life and environment are one. Therefore, wherever we live, greatly influences our body. If we live in an environment that radiates ill health, then medicine alone cannot be of much help. Vastu is not a magic, it is a science, it works whether we believe in it or not. It is a mindful way of living your life. For a in-depth analysis & specific issues related to health, please reach out…. STAY HEALTHY & SAFE 

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