Vastu for Children

Vastu is a logical explanation of scientific truths and facts. Many of the rules are attributed to cosmological considerations; the Sun’s path, the rotation of the Earth, magnetic field, etc.


Every day brings in fresh set of challenges to evaluate how we are taking the current situation as parents. Parents not only are trying their best to be a calm and soothing parent, but are also helping their children to feel reassured, relaxed and focused, as they get back to school. While adapting to the new normal, it is very important to keep the energy check at home. 


Vastu of the house is instrumental, for shaping the future of children. If the Vastu and energy flow is right, it supports their concentration & focus. Here are some tips that will help achieve well being of children: 


  1. Avoid placing any wall mounted bookshelf right above the head while studying, it should be placed on the side. At no time, the pointed edges of any over-head storage cabinets should be over the child’s head while studying as it emanates negative energy and affects the child’s concentration levels. 
  2. It is best to have a solid wall behind your child so they feel confident and focused. An open well-lit room or an open window that brings in more light and positivity can help boost memory and concentration of the child.
  3. Keep the child’s room clutter-free as a cluttered and dusty room represents negativity and your child will absorb it from the surroundings. A clean room helps a child to envision better, guide them in the thinking process and will lead to more organized thoughts. 
  4. Ideally a square or rectangular-shaped study table is best for children. Avoid round study tables as the energy doesn’t stay stable on the round table, it keeps moving round and round and hence disturbs the child’s focus. 
  5. Avoid keeping too many electronic gadgets on the study table. The radiation disturbs the thought pattern and mental wellbeing of the child. 
  6. It is advisable to use green and soothing earthy shades for the child’s room. Avoid using red or shades of fire such as orange, yellow red in the kid’s room as it disturbs their sleep pattern. Paintings depicting violence & aggression should be avoided and abstract paintings with conflicting colours should also be avoided.
  7. Keeping a globe on the right side of the table & spinning it twice in a day will attune the child to work towards future goals for higher education.
  8. Avoid keeping any mirrors right in front of the study table or the bed, as the child can get distracted. 

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