Ensure Growth and Prosperity with Vastu & Feng Shui

Vastu is one of the most ancient sciences that makes a commercial premise attuned to the positive energy of the universe and attract wealth and well being. 


We spend 1/3rd part of our life in our workplace. Therefore, whatever energy surrounds us impacts us to a large extent. Many of us work hard to meet the ends, yet no results. This stress impacts your performance and hampers our growth leading you to the vicious cycle of negativity. Having a vastu compliant office renders everything in a positive way. It ensures better performance, leading to the economic growth. 

Let’s see simple steps to begin somewhere: 


  • The center of the commercial space should be unobstructed no toilets, no pillar or stairs. The main door should be from 345–0 North, 60–80 East, or 250–270 degree West.
  • Any mezzanine floor or stairs should be constructed in the South-West or South. 
  • Senior Management Team should always select an office in the South-West and face the North or North-east. 
  • Remove all the unwanted clutter from your desk. Sit away from staircases as it brings quick exiting energies and cause the diversion of the flow. Do not sit facing sharp-pointed edge or pillar. Either move away or cover it with a ply or cover the pillar with a plant.
  • Place a Jade or a bamboo plant in the east or south east of your allotted office space. 
  • Always have a solid wall behind & space in the front to give stability in life. It is also extremely detrimental to sit under a beam. It increases unwanted stress and disables your thinking ability. 


While there is much more to Vastu & Feng Shui, however even if follow simple tips, we will ensure growth and prosperity in our life. 


Diiptii Tauranii 

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