From a Vastu perspective, if your home is not in proper balance, things that you desire most in life can elude you causing sadness, disappointment, and lost opportunities. Relationships can be compromised when your home is not in balance with the natural forces that permeate the world and our Universe. Every individual’s desire to have a very satisfying relationship, however with today’s modern structures it is becoming a challenge. Have you realized why is the divorce rate higher in today’s world versus the old days where our parents were able to stay 50+ years together.  How do we ensure that the families remain happy together? Well Vastu has answer for all…

  • De-clutter your bedroom to bring newness in your relationship. Discard anything that has not been used for 6 months. 
  • SW is the direction for stability in relationship. Master bedroom is advisable in the SW. However, in rental apartments you don’t have a control, stand in the center of your house hold the compass in your hand and look in the SW, once you have identified the SW, keep couple pictures and a pair of rose quartz crystal in the SW of your house.
  • You will be surprised whatever you keep in the SW will multiply, if you keep things that represent love, you will multiply strength in relationship, if you keep shoes in the SW you will be surprised you will keep buying new shoes, choice is yours what do you want to multiply.
  • The bedroom should be well lit, welcoming and positive.
  • If your bedroom is not in the SW, then hold the compass in your hand and stand in the center of your master bedroom, identify the SW of your room and keep a pair of Rose quartz crystal in the SW corner of your bedroom to attract love and understanding in relationships.Avoid having a master bedroom in the NE.
  • Never have a round shape bed, it causes a lot of disturbances in the relationships.
  • Avoid having mirrors reflecting the bed.
  • Dried flowers are a NO in the bedroom as it emits a lot of negative energy. 
  • There’s a lot that depends on personal date of birth as well. For a more personalized understanding please do get in touch..

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