Increase Feng Shui Wealth Luck with Mirrors

Mirrors have fascinated humankind since ancient times. The inspiration was drawn when people would use objects like brass or water to look for their reflection. Mirrors not only decorate your homes, but it brings the Feng Shui energy of the water wealth element. Using mirrors in feng shui is often misunderstood. Here are simple tips to balance the energy around you and enhance positivity in your house with the correct placement of mirrors: 


  • Placing a mirror on the sides of your cash drawers or safe to reflect cash or Jewelry will pull more money energy and prosperity.
  • Many people love to keep a mirror right opposite the front door. Little do we realize that this pushes the energy right back out the door, without even allowing the energy to enter in the house. Instead, place a mirror on the Northern side walls and position it in such a way that it doesn’t directly face the door. Putting an attractive mirror near the entry way is a gracious way to welcome the positive chi.
  • Avoid mirrors in the SW as it causes unwanted delays and relationship problems. 
  • If you have a small foyer or passage in the East or North, placing a full mirror either horizontally or vertically will open your foyer & visually open up the space. 
  • For good health avoid placing mirror reflecting toilet seats/doors, flames in the kitchens, another mirror, clutter, sharp corners, distorted images & garbage bins. 
  • Ideally there should be no mirrors in the bedroom, as you would have sleepless nights and restlessness. If we can’t avoid, then it is best to either have it on the inner door of the closet, or position your dressing tables on the North wall of your bedroom and away from the bed. 
  • Mirrors are best placed in the Living & Dining area if it is in the North or East direction. Mirror reflecting the food on dining table doubles the food which symbolises abundance. 


Diiptii Tauranii

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