The Kua Number in Feng Shui is derived from bagua, where “ba” means eight (8), and “gua” is another spelling for “Kua.” There are a total of 8 kua numbers, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9, all these 8 numbers represents 8 directions as well as people (number 5 is given to the Center). This is also known as Eight Mansions calculations, each person belongs to one of these eight Kua numbers.

Based on the Kua number, we can determine your auspicious and inauspicious directions and what aspects of life they affect and influence. Each person has 4 favorable and 4 unfavorable directions based on the date of birth. 

When you face your auspicious directions it gives you better quality of energy (as compared to other directions). There are lucky feng shui directions for Success, Health, Relationship & Personal Growth. It is not a magic; it is only our first step in leading a life with positivity in place. 

It is best to rearrange your work place & bedroom in a way that you derive the most out of the day and have a restful sleep at home. Another criterion is to find a power spot in your house or office and combine both home and office in the best Feng Shui commanding position. 

Basically, the lucky directions in Feng Shui allows us to tap the best and most potent energy. Here are few case studies that will give you an idea: 

  • Recent case in point is a Malaysian-Chinese entrepreneur who struggled with projects slipping at the last minute and unnecessary delays in every aspect of her life. When I visited her place, I realized huge blockages in her life as a result of negative toilet & kitchen in her success direction; and the door was in one of her negative directions too. My analysis was the reflection of her life. By providing simple solutions not only her productivity was enhanced, but she was able to close deals. We also placed pyramids to invite more positivity in her life. In her own words “ the medicine to correct the energy is right here, I don’t know why people are so reluctant to open up their lives to it. Even in the most difficult period she found her business moving in the right direction” (this testimonial is on my linkedin). 


  • Another one is from the owner of a Peoples Consulting Firm, she was constantly facing challenges to close deals, we made her sitting position in her success direction, since then she is able to break deadlocks in her business and also she was trying to finish a certification which was a a challenge to finish, when I positioned her in her personal growth direction, she was able to finish much faster. (This is our BNI Amandeep Kaur)


  • Working parents have to make tough choices about their career and with the surmounting work pressure it becomes difficult to take the stress of the health of their children. One such case where both parents were working and their daughter would constantly fall sick. Feng shui helps us identify best direction for the health of children and their personal growth. It is very important to align their health with their favourable directions.  No amount of money helped them correct their child’s wellbeing. When I visited, I realized the child was sleeping in her most unfavourable direction of total loss of health. I not only helped them with the overall positivity but also changed the position of the child for personal growth. (Testimonial in my video)  In todays chaotic time, where mothers are struggling to meet the ends and support their children in e-learning, it is extremely beneficial for children to sit and face their favorable directions for better results. 

Researches in medical science reveal that during sleep, the subconscious performs repair work on our body. On the other hand a very good, sound and timely sleep provides us energy which enables us to manage our day to day work easily and proficiently. The loss of sleep is a common problem in modern society, affecting many individuals at some point in their lives. When you fail to get your required amount of sufficient sleep, you start to accumulate a sleep debt. One such case was with a client who couldn’t sleep well, and that impactded his performance ta work and his health deteriorated. When I visited his house, I realized there were mirrors all over the master bedroom. I got them all removed and advised few more corrections, his sleep improved and so did his performance. When the body is doing a repair work at night, we shed the negativity and rejuvenate our energies for the the next day, here the mirrors reflected the same energy and he woke up with lack of energy every day.  Client from South Africa.

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