Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. … It is the Law of Attraction which uses the power of the mind to translate our thoughts into reality. Please pay attention to what are we focusing on, a problem, a panic or A SOLUTION. Our intent will determine how soon the current health threat will be contained. 


Let’s focus all our energies into solutions to keep ourselves safe. 


Not many people know that Camphor (Cinnamomum camphora) is an organic compound that’s used for relief in chest congestion and inflammatory conditions. Other than that, camphor is a natural healer for the Mind, Body and Aura. In this crucial time, when we are protecting our families from the negativities outside the house, how do we protect them from the negativity inside the house, which is also a result of the chaotic situation our world is right now. Please research about the medicinal properties of Camphor (a size of a flat button), it is a very safe and easily available in the market. 


There are various techniques to manifest peaceful healing energies of camphor that are empowered to remove all the negative energies 


Please do these important & easy to do remedies to clear negativity from your mind, body & aura:


  • Place a camphor tablet on a copper or brass plate and burn every morning and evening so that the fragrance should reach all corners of the house or office. For best effects, it is best to burn in every room.


  • To remove your own negative thoughts, hold the copper or brass plate with a camphor tablet placed on it and keep it in your hand, feel all the negative vibrations, thoughts and energy are absorbed by camphor. Then burn the camphor. 


  • Place a bowl of vinegar and add a camphor into it. Leave the bowl in every room that needs cleansing. Replace them everyday for 40 days; all negative energies in the space will be cleared.


  • To cleanse your aura, you can pass a camphor piece around your body from top to bottom & then burn that piece.


  • Burning Camphor can also bring prosperity and abundance of wealth to your family. It helps in releasing the blocks and thus helps in financial abundance. 


  • Tie a camphor tablet, clove, and a green cardamom in a tiny cloth and keep it under the pillow to remove negativity from your body while you are sleeping.


Stay safe; Safety Begins at home. Please share with your loved ones. 

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